The Neo-Slip can be useful as a deep vein thrombosis prevention method to patients, nurses, nursing homes, and many others. If you currently use anti-embolism stockings yourself, the Neo-Slip will make applying and removing the stockings simple and stress-free. Many nurses use the Neo-Slip and find it makes application more comfortable for both themselves and their patients. Take a look at the testimonials below to see a glimpse of what the Neo-Slip could do for you.

WOW. Neo-slip helped me put on my surgical stockings within 5 to 10 seconds. The stress it has taken out of our lives doing this twice every day is unbelievable.

Paul, from Sutton

” I work in a care of the elderly ward and have also worked on orthopaedic and surgical wards. I have used compression stockings with patients and have found them quite hard to put on the patient and I have had to use lots of energy and ended up twisting and bending to get them on. I found that older people find the stockings hard to put on themselves and usually will not wear them because of this.

I tried the Neo-Slip and found it easy to use and a great design. I was able to slide and grip the stocking a lot better. There was no struggling with the stocking and this is a much better way of getting the stocking on and its less time-consuming.

It was also easy to remove the Neo-Slip from the foot afterwards. This is a great design that would benefit patients putting them on themselves and will also help nurses putting on their patients.

I will definitely use this product again. “

Mrs Head, Junior Sister Kingston Hospital NHS

” Having the Neo-Slip used when the nurse applied the stocking, I found it very comfortable and I didnt even feel the stocking being applied as the Neo-Slip made the process so smooth. I will be using this again and would recommend it to anyone. “

Joy Grandson, Patient

Please get these Neo-slips in every hospital NOW!!!!!

Lisa, Patient

Oh wow Neo-slip would be so handy and make my job so much easier

Tracy, Senior Staff Nurse

” In the past, I’ve found assisting my patients to apply their compression stockings to be a very awkward and time-consuming task, a task which often caused the patient discomfort. After using the Neo-Slip to apply the stocking I was very pleased and surprised at how much it had helped; there was no longer a struggle, the stocking just slipped right on within a few seconds.
The Neo-Slip was so easy to use and my patients definitely noticed how easy applying the stockings had become, some are even able to apply their stockings themselves now. I would hope in the near future that Neo-Slips will be available to all patients using compression stockings, and available for nurses too. “

T. Barra, Staff Nurse

Why don’t we have these at work? we need them!

Elaine, Health Care Assistant

” The Neo-Slip is easy to use once you know how to put it on. It makes putting the stockings on so much easier. You do not have to do all the pulling and stretching of it and straining yourself and trapping your fingers in the process. It seems to be comfortable for the patient too. Great invention much needed. “

Chantal, Carer

After my knee replacement, I was shocked that I had to wear stocking for 6 weeks. But Neo-slip makes this ok now. Its no longer a problem

Kelly Anne Marie, Patient

Neo-slip is a fantastic invention

Matron, St Georges Hospital tooting

Couldn't have managed after knee surgery without these. Thanx xx. Anne Kelly

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